Is this man responsible for me being in Londonderry Northern Ireland?

By mike
9 October 2018

This man could be responsible for me blogging from the Belfray Hotel in Londonderry Northern Ireland.  Maybe not, but considering I never heard of Emerald Guitars before Tony Polecastro, leader of Tony’s Acoustic Challenge (TAC), completed his review of two of their guitars, I kind of think he is partly responsible.  Maybe not for visiting Ireland, but definitely for a visit to the factory I am undertaking on 10/10/18.
But I am a Pisces, and we are not 100% sure of much.  Except the music, I am  100% sure I love music.  Cue the O’Jays, “I Love Music, any kind of music”.
I will finally post a blog on how I came to be a part of TAC shortly, but for tonite I am just happy to be here exploring the land of my ancestors and searching out some authentic Irish music, and some good old rocknroll.


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Emerald Guitars are hand made at the factory located in Donegal Ireland, not far from the banks of the River Foyle. They are made from a carbon fiber composite material that makes them very hardy instruments that remain in tune and have great playability in a variety...



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