Welcome to the webpage for Michael Patrick Moran.  My webpage will combine and present information on my current activities in the areas of Broadband, Video, Yoga, and Music.

I am currently available for temporary and/or project work in the area of Broadband, Cable TV (CATV), Telecommunications and Information Technology.  I have 35+ years of experience in Broadband Technology including design, construction, project management and sales.  Please contact me through the website if you have any needs or opportunities in these areas at the present time, or if you would like to see a full resume you can visit my LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-p-moran-8b13831/.

The BLOG page of the website began as a blog to update my Thesis on "Web Radio" I wrote in 2004 to complete the requirements for a Masters Degree in Information Technology (MSIT) at the Rochester Institute of Technology located in Rochester NY.  I researched and wrote about a path to create a Web Radio Station (without actually creating the station)  in order to meet the degree requirements.  I am trying to use the blueprint I created to actually create an online station and see how accurate I really was about the process.  I hope to have launched something during 2020.

I have since added to the core of the blog with other interests in travel and music, and hope to have a nice selection of photographs and ultimately videos for you to enjoy.

My career back ground includes college radio at the University of Delaware, commercial radio for a brief period, community radio for a somewhat longer period, and 35+ years in the broadband telecommunications arena, primarily having to do with broadband and Cable TV (CATV).

I would consider the areas of IT where my knowledge is greatest to be on the Telecommunications and transmission side; and I maintain a strong interest in streaming media, web radio, and the core of it all, music.