The Tao of Physics and My Path Through Yoga-(Part Four)

By mike
6 May 2023

The “The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra is a book I received in the 80’s as a parting gift from my mentor when I took a new position in the cable TV industry.   I had only a beginner’s level of understanding regarding Eastern Mysticism and even less of an understanding of modern physics when I received it.  Both of these disciplines interest me, so I held onto the book, and recently presented a book report on this book for my Yoga Teacher Training Program at Dig Yoga in Frenchtown NJ.  I was glad I held onto it, and waited to read it, because my understanding of the physical world and even more so the world of the Eastern mystics is greatly enhanced compared to when I received the book.

Fritjof Capra set out to demonstrate how modern physics illuminates “the Cosmic Dance of the Universe”, and that this new understanding of how the universe works has more in common with the belief system of Eastern religions, than it does Western traditions developed around the Greek philosophers. While the roots of physics go back to the works of  Aristotle and the Greeks with their discoveries of geometry and other scientific principles, it was the work of Newton that held court with his discoveries supporting his theories about how the natural world functioned.  The Newtonian mechanistic view was rocked by experimentation led by Albert Einstein.  Capra states that “At the beginning of modern physics stands the intellectual feats of one man: Albert Einstein…  Einstein’s theory of relativity unified and completed the structure of classical physics…. it involved drastic changes in the concept of space and time and undermined one of the foundations of the Newtonian world view.”

The video available through the link provides a nice introduction to the connection between Siva, the Cosmic Dance, and Modern Physics

The Science Behind The Lord Shiva’s Cosmic Dance (

Below is a presentation that goes into great detail in describing the content of the book “The Tao of Physics” and the correlations between modern physics and eastern mysticism. Click on screen to advance the slides.

References: Capra, Fritjof . “The Tao of Physics”. Shambhala Publications, Inc, 1975,1983, 1991 by Fritjof Capra.

“Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment.”
― Thich Nhat HanhBeing Peace


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