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10 June 2020


SAM2 Broadcaster is a product that I originally wrote about in a blog post in 2003 and updated recently (below).  I was able to find an archived copy of  SAM2 Broadcaster, and decided to investigate it prior to launching the new products from Spacial Audio, namely “Sam Broadcaster Cloud” and “Sam Broadcaster Pro”.  For more information on these current products you can connect to them here:

 As you will see these products are offered under a subscription plan, while the “Legacy” SAM2 Broadcaster can be downloaded at no cost from the Tucows website as explained below.  It is this free downloaded version of the software that I am currently exploring as a path to an Internet Radio station.

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This is an advanced broadcast automation solution that meets the specialized needs of online broadcasters. Its features include MP3 and Windows Media streaming support, dual player decks, advanced playlist rotation logic, drag-and-drop management, real-time listener statistics, voice over/mic input capabilities, and a sound FX module.


My first step was creating some playlists under the categories section of SAM2 Broadcaster.   Here is the type of direction I received from the SAM2 Broadcaster help menu:


“A category is a “container” that labels a collection of songs. Before anybody goes “Huh?”, lets make the declaration simpler – because it’s really a lot simpler than the former sounds.

– A category is a list of songs identified by a name.”


 I was relying on SAM2 pulling in songs from my Itunes Library but unfortunately ran into many instances where SAM2 would show a file folder but not locate the music file contained within the file.  Will have to explore that further.

I was able to activate the “Auto DJ” function and add a selection of songs that SAM2 was able to import into a “playlist”, and the software did nicely toggle between two “decks” to deliver a seamless stream of music that I could listen to on my desktop.

 Graphic above shows the dual deck configuration at the top just under the control bar. I manually loaded my songlist into the “Queue” listing and the software alternated between Deck A and B to deliver a seamless stream.


SAM2 Broadcaster  – UPDATE 06/01/2020


You cannot expect technology to remain stagnant so naturally there have been changes to SAM2 Broadcaster product that I originally wrote about in the blog post below.  I was able to find this archived copy of  SAM2 Broadcaster, and here are some of the details regarding the product.  Should you desire to work with this software, you can download a copy from the Tucows Internet archive as described below.

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Tucows, Inc has graciously donated a copy of this software to the Internet Archive’s Tucows Software Archive for long term preservation and access. Please check the Tucows website for all current versions of the software. <<

 TUCOWS does not appear to be actively involved with the SAM2 Broadcasting software, other than offering the capability to download a copy of the software from their archive.  The SAM Broadcasting platform has evolved and is currently offering several new products.  Their current line-up includes SAM Broadcaster Cloud,  SAM Broadcaster Pro, SAM  Cast (Live Audio Streaming) and SAM DJ.  The SAM product line was developed by Spacial and they continue to offer and support the products as explained below, even though they are now a part of Triton Digital.

I will be adding an updated post and review of the new SAM Broadcaster products that allow the launch of an Internet Radio Station.

Downloaded 06/01/2020 from

“Over a decade ago, we recognized that the internet was rapidly creating new possibilities for radio. With this in mind, we launched the SAM Broadcaster radio automation software in 2002. During the mid-2000s, we added DJ software (SAM DJ) and a live audio encoder (SAM Cast) to our portfolio. Over the years, our products have garnered the admiration of the broadcasting and DJ community, as well as the respect of our peers. Our top priority remains developing technologically advanced software that lets you operate at a professional level. In 2009, Spacial was acquired by Triton Digital, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio and podcast industry.

Becoming a part of the Triton family has given us access to cutting-edge streaming technology, expert knowledge of the radio industry and its ecosystem, and exhaustive resources that have enabled us to grow in the right direction. Today, our products and services are used in over 150 countries. We are excited about the future as we continue to develop enhanced software and solutions to help audio lovers around the world jump start their careers in radio broadcasting.”

 Original Post follows: 

 >>  Publication date 

Topics SAM2 Broadcaster, Multimedia, Audio, Broadcasting

Streaming Audio Manger (SAM) was originally developed in 1999 to be used in conjunction with programs like SHOUTcast that would allow the broadcaster to produce, manage, and track the elements of a radio program.  This program evolved into a powerful multi-format encoding and radio automation package now called SAM2 (v 2.7.9), with encoder technology that powers several SpacialAudio products of interest to webcasters.
SAM2 Broadcaster software is the main SpacialAudio engine for the encoding capabilities of their products.  However, compared to the SimpleCast product, the advanced features offered improve the Webcasting process.  SAM2 integrates Internet broadcast automation along with its powerful multi-format, multi bit rate, multiple server capabilities to offer a very strong package that augments and automates the Webcasting process.
This professional broadcaster package supports and facilitates the online broadcast.  It differs from other encoding software considered in that it provides broadcast automation tools as well as the encoding capability.  The automation tools enable the webcaster to: comply with DMCA and RIAA standards concerning the rotation and selection of the audio content, fully automate the broadcast, develop real-time listener statistics, develop content rotation schedules automatically, and use tools to deliver a more professional sound for your station.
The encoding features of the software allow the webcaster to stream using the advanced MP3PRO CODEC for increased audio quality at half the bit rate of standard MP3 codecs.  Also supported are standard MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and advanced Windows Media 9 encoders.  One of the powerful features of the software is the ability to use a combination of encoders simultaneously, even mixing in multiple bit rates.  This allows the webcaster to cover a wider range of potential listeners, as there is great diversity in bandwidth and media player formats within the Web radio audience.  As an example, you can run a 24 kb/s MP3PRO stream, a 56 kb/s MP3PRO stream, and 56 kb/s Windows Media stream simultaneously, and they can all come from the same audio source files.
In addition to this streaming flexibility, you can also direct your automated streams to a number of the servers already discussed, including SHOUTcast, Live365, Windows Media, icecast2, and P2P Streamer.  The software also provides some additional key features that are important elements of the Web Radio experience, namely the addition of a text message displaying CD/song titles, artists, and album art that updates as the songs play in their rotation.  Other Meta data is streamed as well the Windows Media format and MP3PRO and MP3 formats.
A final feature that can provide an important source of revenue is the integration of “Buy CD” links within the package that can enable the webcaster to sell the CD being used for the broadcast to an interested listener.  For a site like our model that already is based on the sale of CDs, and easy link between the listener experience through the radio station and the CD store is an important feature.
For more information on the SAM2 Broadcaster package, refer to:

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