Is this man responsible for me being in Londonderry Northern Ireland?

This is the first of a series of posts telling the story of my association with George Thorogood.  It is dedicated to my wife who was born on 3 July 1952, and died 31 January 2017 from ovarian cancer.  She was also a fan, and we shared our love of  The Delaware Destroyers with friends and family for 37 years together.

9 October 2018

This man could be responsible for me blogging from the Belfray Hotel in Londonderry Northern Ireland.  Maybe not, but considering I never heard of Emerald Guitars before Tony Polecastro, leader of Tony’s Acoustic Challenge (TAC), completed his review of two of their guitars, I kind of think he is partly responsible.  Maybe not for visiting Ireland, but definitely for a visit to the factory I am undertaking on 10/10/18.
But I am a Pisces, and we are not 100% sure of much.  Except the music, I am  100% sure I love music.  Cue the O’Jays, “I Love Music, any kind of music”.
I will finally post a blog on how I came to be a part of TAC shortly, but for tonite I am just happy to be here exploring the land of my ancestors and searching out some authentic Irish music, and some good old rocknroll.


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The New King of The Slide Guitar

The New King of The Slide Guitar

It was a dark brown, not dark like Mahogany, but a a darker shade than the many spruce top guitars around. But not completely dark, because the finish was stripped off in large swatches across the face of the guitar from the amplified and hellacious strumming with which George played the guitar.



I was going a little stir crazy back in my parent's house in Norristown PA in the late 70's.  My time and experience with Bharat ended prior to my graduation from Delaware in 1976.  After graduation I was blessed to be able to meet up with a good friend and travel...

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