Chapter TWO (continued) AUTHORING/ENCODING TECHNOLOGIES–RealProducer (HELIX series)

This is the first of a series of posts telling the story of my association with George Thorogood.  It is dedicated to my wife who was born on 3 July 1952, and died 31 January 2017 from ovarian cancer.  She was also a fan, and we shared our love of  The Delaware Destroyers with friends and family for 37 years together.

27 December 2012

Helix Producer — includes the RealProducer product
In my last post I discussed encoding with  RealProducer.  Within that post I noted the results of a trial encoding with RealProducer and present my results.  In this post I present the results of a second trial with RealProducer.
>>RealProducer® – RealProducer is free and encodes content into RealAudio® and RealVideo® formats for live or on-demand delivery. RealProducer includes productivity toolsets and high-capacity, multi-channel input and multi-profile outputs.
NOTE: RealProducer trial 2 —  12/11/12
The video segment presented here is a video shoot of an outdoor performance of a musical project called Absinthe Encounters by Absinthesis.  The original files were shot in high-definition (HD) and were stored as a *.m2ts (MPEG-2 transport stream).  Also incorporated into the video project were  standard definition (SD) video in the DVD *.ts file format, with individual files listed as *.vob files.  Although one of the media files imported into the video editor was in fact an HD file in the *.m2ts file format, the output file as I chose to publish it thought the wevideo editor was again a SD 480p file format.
I realized after trying to encode the file through RealProducer, that the . m2ts file format was not an acceptable input for RealProducer, but instead required Helix Producer to accomplish this encoding.  I hope to run though this process for my next posting.
Here is the link to the version output directly from wevideo to youtube, which puts the file into a .flv format, which is a Flash Video format supported by many prominent online service providers, including youtube.(1)
RealProducer did not accept this format for input, so I subsequently created a second output file on wevideo as an *.mp4 file, and this is the file I used to encode into the Real Media format.
The results of this encoding process were not satisfactory, as the video appears degraded and there is some “blocking” that occurs.  I have posted my concerns with this on the real networks support page, but after a considerable amount of time waiting, I have not received any feedback, so I am just going ahead with this posting.  I am not uploading the degraded video, out of deference to the artist involved, as I don’t want to represent his work in a degraded version, so you’ll have to take my word for it for now that it did not look as good as the original.
However, here is a link to my posting on the Real Networks support page that details my frustration with the process.
Should I get a response to my question on this issue, I will of course go ahead and post it here.
Should I be able to run a trial encode of an .m2ts file through Helix Producer, that will be my next blog post.  If not, I will be moving on to discuss Shoutcast and WINamp technologies.
(1)          Downloaded 08 January 2013

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