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22 November 2012

Helix Producer — includes the RealProducer product
In my last post I discussed my understanding of the Real Media products Helix Producer and RealProducer.  Within that post I noted the following and stated that I planned to try to encode with RealProducer and present my results.
>>RealProducer® – RealProducer is free and encodes content into RealAudio® and RealVideo® formats for live or on-demand delivery. RealProducer includes productivity toolsets and high-capacity, multi-channel input and multi-profile outputs.
Once again, the delay in posting is due to the time spent on video production and subsequent  video editing of the project.  The first segment I was planning on  submitting, briefly, is a video shoot of an outdoor performance of a musical project called Absinthe Encounters by Absinthesis.  The original files were shot in high-definition (HD) and were stored as a *.m2ts (MPEG-2 transport stream).  Also incorporated into the video project were  standard definition (SD) video in the DVD .ts file format, with individual files listed as .vob files.  In order to import them into a new online video editor (Wevideo)  I have tried working with, I used Nero to recode them to the Nero Digital format, which is essentially mpeg4.
That project is not quite ready to post to youtube, but should be in the first week of December , if you want to check back then.   I anticipate being able to provide the link to this  project then, with hopefully a second file output through Real or Helix Producer products.
I realized after trying to encode the file through RealProducer, that the m2ts file format was not an acceptable input for RealProducer, but instead required Helix Producer to accomplish this encoding.
Real Networks was kind enough to extend a trial version of Helix Producer, so in a subsequent posting, I planned to discuss my results when using this product.   However, due to computer problems not associated with the Helix Producer installation, I have been unable to complete an encoding of the project I described.  Also, due to time spent working on this video and a second follow-up video, I have not been able to add new content to the blog.
As an example of the raw SD video footage, I do have a link to a clip that is strictly SD that I am providing here.  Also by Absinthesis, it is a cover of the Cure’s Lovesong.
So for now, as I described above, I am going to offer a link to the original video content I described above (Lovesong by the Cure), offered in the mpeg-2 format.  The original footage was in the .vob format used for DVD’s and digital video.
Although I am not able to provide a re-encoded version through Helix Producer, I was able to encode a version into RealMedia formats at this time through RealProducer.   I am posting some information that might be useful related to RealProducer, and converting files to those formats.
My thoughts on exploring this are that the incorporation of videos of musical artist videos can be an integral part of an Internet radio station with the utilization of the correct platform.
Here is the link to the Real Media encoded version of the same video clip.  It seems to me to have produces a pretty stable version of the original, and at first glance the color quality seems to be a bit improved by the encoder.  I welcome any comments on either of the clips, or a comparison of the clips.
RealProducer states compatibility with both uncompressed file formats, which I suppose are preferred, and compressed file formats like the .mpg file .
I used .mpg for this first trial due to the smaller file size.

Uncompressed Input Formats

You can use many uncompressed audio and video file formats as input sources for RealProducer.

Uncompressed Input Formats
Format Extensions Notes
AIFF .aif, .aifc, .aiff Requires DirectX 9.1 or higher on Windows.
AU .au, .snd, .ulw Requires QuickTime on Windows.
AVI .avi Compressed AVI is available on Windows if DirectX 9.1 or higher is installed.
DV .dif, .dv Requires QuickTime on Windows.
QuickTime 2, 3, 4, and 5 .mov, .qt QuickTime 2 requires DirectX 9.1 or higher on Windows. Reading compressed or flattened QuickTime movies requires QuickTime on Windows.
Sound Designer II .sd2 Requires QuickTime on Windows.
WAVE .wav Uncompressed is recommended but compressed formats can typically be read as well.

Here are the uncompressed file formats compatible with Real Producer.  My original file in this case was an .mpg video/audio file, although I would classify this as MPEG-2 video, not MPEG1 as listed below.

Compressed Input Formats

RealProducer reads several types of compressed files, allowing you to transcode an existing streaming clip into one of the supported output formats.

Compressed Input Formats
Format Extensions Notes
3GPP .3gp Release 5 and Release 6 formats supported on Windows.
Flash .flv Support for VP6 video. The .f4v file format using H.264 and AAC isnot supported.
MP3 .mp3 Supported on Windows.
MPEG-1 .mpeg, .mpg Supported on Windows.
MPEG-4 .mp4, .m4a Most MPEG-4 file types and codecs are supported on Windows.
QuickTime .mov Support on Windows for most older codecs such as Sorenson as well as H.264 video and AAC audio.
RealMedia .rm, .ra, .rv, .rmvb Support for most RealVideo and RealAudio formats and codecs on Windows.
Windows Media .asf, .wm, .wma, .wmv Support for most Windows Media formats on Windows.

Due to the file type limitations regarding uploading to the WordPress Blog in the Basic format (without the VideoPress Upgrade), anyone interested in seeing the actual files I am describing will have to follow the posted links.  Once again here are the links to the music files in both encoded formats, plus links to other items referenced in this blog posting:
ABSINTHESIS featuring Jack Yang cover of Love Song by the Cure at Stir Fry 2012
ABSINTHESIS featuring Jack Yang/ Love Song by the Cure/Stir Fry 2012/Encoded for RealPlayer
Real Networks Products Real Producer and Helix Producer
Wevideo Online Video Editor — Video Editing In the Cloud

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