By mike
17 July 2012

Just a note on recent activites.  While my intent with this blog was to contribute on a regular basis, at least about once a week, I admit that I have fallen short of that goal and have not posted for a few weeks.  However, it is primarily because in addition to the Internet Radio area, I have also been exploring the recording of live performance music and the creation of videos suitable for upload.
This I believe  is the kind of content that would make an Internet radio site even a bit more interesting, if listeners could also jump over to a video occasionally from the same web site and run the music video as part of their playlist, or part of their time spent with the webcaster.
The processing and handling of video is also an integral part of the players that I have discussed, and will continue to discuss, regarding their capabilites as Internet radio client devices.  So as I produce a table with the results of my experiences with radio stations like Seaford Surf Radio, I will also include the results of my encoding, uploading and playback experiences with my music videos.
At this point, I don’t have too much to add to my testing results of Windows Media Player, that I discussed in my last post of 6/26/12.  I have been using it in trial runs of the video content I have been developing, but do not have enough data to present any really helpful information.  So I am going to postpone posting a preliminary table of my results for now.
In the meantime, pending my continuation of the Internet Radio process, I would like to share links to the music videos created so far.  I welcome any comments about the videos, either on youtube, myspace,  or here at the blog site.
Both video sites are michaelpatrickmoran videos
Peace, love and understanding to all.

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