WEB RADIO BLUEPRINT — Appendix A –Third Party Streaming Providers/Webcasting Host Sites —

By mike
29 November 2011

The table below was Appendix A to my original document.  The idea was to list possible sites for an independent webcaster to use to host their streaming service and provide some support.
My plan for the blog is to go ahead and follow the original links and see which sites are operating and provide an update on the services they are currently providing.
Third party Streaming Providers/Webcasting Host Sites
For a comprehensive list of providers, refer to: http://www.streamingmedia.com/directory/category.asp?id=7
>> although Streaming Media is an active an comprehensive source of information on all things streaming, it is no longer offering the directory list of providers through this link.<<
Here is a link current in 2011 that will lead you to a directory of items related to Web Radio.
Some specific providers are as follows:
Audio Realm: http://www.audiorealm.com
>> Currently active at the above link, this site is offering a diverse group of stations.  Here is a synopsis from the about page for potential webcasters:
“Starting your own radio station is a lot easier than you might think. Whether you wish to start a talk show or a music station – we have all the software and services you need to make this dream a reality. Thousands of other broadcasters have done it and so can you!
Jump to the Broadcast information page for more details.” <<
Bean-Net: www.bean-net.net
>> Link as shown is not active anymore.  A variation of www.bean.net is a hosting site where you can obtain a domain name, but is not offering any services specific to Web Radio. <<
Communicast: http://communicast.com/
>> Link as shown now connects to a Webcasting service, but not really related to Web Radio.  Service is called Vcall, and the service produces thousands of webinars, webcasts and virtual events for businesses and organizations around the world.   There is a section on creating a webcast, which would be a complete audio/video presentation.  You can find out more about that at  http://www.vcall.com/vcall/services/webcasting.aspx <<
Live365: http://www.live365.com/
>> This link very much alive and kicking.  Appears to be one of the larger web radio conglomeration sites, and a strong candidate to launch my Web Radio station.  I will be delving into this site much more in the future.<<
Limelight Networks: http://www.limelightnetworks.com/
>> This link is also still very much alive.  Limelight is more of a streaming media partner however, not necessarily a good site to launch an Internet Radio station.  More of a partner to take an established business model and develop a streaming media or online presence for the business.  A statement  from their web site:
“Limelight Networks orchestrates every aspect of your online operations. Learn about solutions for interactive advertising, digital marketing, e-commerce, video publishing, and enterprise IT.” <<
MediaCast: www.mediacast.com
>>Very interesting on this link, as indicated by this note on the web site:
“MediaCast, founded in 1995, was the first company to specialize in Internet broadcasting. MediaCast ceased operations in 1998 and this site will eventually be updated to be an online museum documenting the pioneering years of webcasting.”
The site still includes some interesting musical content, and for anyone wanting to look back at the development of Internet Broadcasting, this is the place.<<
Play Stream: http://www.playstream.com/
>> PlayStream remains a viable site for Webcasting an on-demand streaming media service, although for a pure Web Radio play it might not be the best choice.  It seems like a service oriented for a more professional approach, or a company based operation looking to expand their presence in the streaming marketplace.   From their web site :
“Thousands of businesses and organizations are currently using PlayStream to deliver a variety of content, from educational seminars and sporting events to concerts and online entertainment. Customers range from Fortune 100 companies (now serving 3 of the top 10) to non-profit organizations and hobbyists that rely on PlayStream’s online statistics to provide valuable metrics on the performance and viewership of their media.”
I believe it would fall into the category of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that aspires to manage the transmission of content as a fee paid service for an organization.  The site provides some nice technical information that I will try to explore in greater detail.  It can be viewed on their web site through this link. <<
SHOUTcast: www.Shoutcast.com
>> Very happy to see that SHOUTcast is still thriving as an on-line web radio broadcast entity.  It is very likely that this will be my choice to launch my radio station, as it provides the web site to manage the station , allows you to be co-located with many other stations, and provides software to mange the broadcast from your local PC and then upload or stream your content to your Web Radio listeners through the SHOUTcast site to the client radio players that listeners can download for many different devices.  One of the key reasons for me to start with this program is as follows:
“With the FREE SHOUTcast broadcasting tools you too can start your own SHOUTcast Radio station and become part of one of the largest directory of radio stations on the web.””
I am looking forward to actually going ahead with the implementation and launching of my radio station this time around. <<
SimpleNet:  http://MP3software.simplenet.com/index.html
>> Simple net remains as a viable choice as a web hosting site, just without the focus on Web Radio station hosting that SHOUTcast and Live365 currently offer.  One aspect that I will explore from this site is the affiliate marketing opportunities that it provides.  Affiliate marketing is a new area that I am exploring, and I plan to integrate some web sites offering programs or membership services either on the blog, or on the web page of the radio station itself, or on a companion site that I have started for broadband technology videos located at: <<
For the music lover, I also have some music videos available through this site to take a break from the technology.
StreamAudio: http://www.streamaudio.com/
>> StreamAudio remains a viable site for professional terrestrial broadcasters to move their broadcasting to the Internet.  It does not appear to be a likely spot for a hobbyist or personal broadcaster to launch a station through.  Here is a brief synopsis from their web site:
“Founded in 1999, StreamAudio has been a Pioneer in developing technologies and services for Terrestrial Broadcasters. Streaming services are provided using mainstream technologies such as Windows Media, Flash, Real, and QuickTime.
In addition to streaming, StreamAudio has developed a host of proprietary technologies and services designed to meet the needs of Terrestrial Broadcasters. StreamAudio continues to develop new technologies that help Broadcasters have a successful online presence.”  <<
StreamGuys:  www.streamguys.com
>>Streamguys also remains as a viable enterprise and potential partner for a professional group , business or broadcaster looking to establish and maintain a streaming presence on the Internet.  They describe themselves this  way:

“StreamGuys is a streaming media provider. We are both a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and a provider of streaming services to distribute audio and video signals via the internet.” <<

>>Well that wraps up my review of my original Appendix A Third-party Streaming Providers and Webcasting Host Sites.  All things considered, I think the list held up pretty well since 2004.  Most of the references are viable still in some form of providing streaming services, and would be worth a closer look for anyone considering the launch of a streaming service such as Web Radio.  The provider you choose would depend on many concerns, particularly the level of broadcasting you will be providing from personal hobbyist to full scale commercial broadcaster.<<

End of Appendix A and NEW comments

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